As the world is being more digitized, consumers tend to buy online more frequently. Therefore almost every business owner is trying to build a community for his product/service on the internet world. However, Many business owners especially start-ups suffer from the fact they can’t gain their customers trust, even though their product/service is really good, but their target audience don’t want to take a risk. Therefore, here are 4 secrets to gain your customers trust online.

1- First impression matters.

Your website’s interface is the first thing your customers see once they land on your site. So keep in mind:-

  • Before building your website consult with a professional User Experience (UX) designer to see how the flow of the website should go. He will study your target audience, your competitors and based on that he can design the process in a simple and efficient way.
  • After you’re done with UX, now it’s time to move to UI and paint your website. Make sure your website’s colors are inspired by your logo (If Possible) this way people will be able to recognize your website faster.
  • Don’t just go for a ready-made template. This is a complete waste of time and money. You won’t be able to gain your customers trust by using a template that can’t even be adjusted later to match the functions you might want to add later to your website.

2- People want to talk with other people, not robots.

  • People like to communicate with people, so adding a message feature or
    live chat can be a great way to make your customers trust you.

    Your customers will feel they can reach you at any time and there will always
    be someone who will respond to them.
  • If you can’t hire a team for live chat, then at least set a time frame when the query will be answered.
  • Add FAQ page so people can find answers to the most common questions.

3- Who are you? What do you do?

Don’t expect because people have landed on your page that now they know you, trust you and they will blindly buy your product/service. Not at all.
Even if your website is built in a professional way, and you have responsive customer services. If you don’t have a good About Us page, then you pretty much have nothing.
Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, when was the last time you bought something online without knowing some information about the company first?
Where are they located? What do they do?….etc.
That’s why it’s important to write all the information that your customers might need to know on the About Us page.


4- Social Proof.

Using Social Proof to gain your customers trust can be a great tool.

  • Share with your customers photos from behind the scenes and Live Videos.
  • Engage with them and make them feel they can reach you at any time, anywhere.
  • Share testimonials on your website and social channels from customers you’ve worked with.

Bottom Line: –

It’s not hard to gain your customers trust online, just keep in mind who are your target audience and how can you communicate with them to gain their trust.