Imagine that you need to create a website. Now comes the question: should I create it on my own?
This is certainly an option to consider, as well as hiring a company that is specialized in this type of service.
There are many excellent tools in the market that demand knowledge and study and a diversity of companies with different levels of quality. Relax, this doubt is very normal and making the right choice is the key to avoid wasting time and disappointments in the future. Here we will tell you 4 situations all businessmen go through when creating a website.

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You don’t want to limit yourself to the site creator:

Every site creator has a company behind who owns the tool that allows
users to create a website on their own.
So you pay a monthly fee to have a portion of that tool,
in which your site will be hosted.
However, the site gets stuck to the platform and its features,
and you’re not able to transfer it.

The reason for this is linked to the operation and programming of the platform.
Therefore, a site created on one of these platforms could hardly work in another because of compatibility issues. If you want or need to change platform, you have to create a new website.

SEO is a must strategy for your business:

Nowadays, the best platforms to create a website offer at least the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can customize some of your site information, such as titles, page descriptions, and URLs, which will appear in organic search results.

However, SEO in a professional way differs from what a beginner can do, being hard work and time-consuming. For example, performance and site load speed, the relevance of your content and site authority.
If achieving high organic traffic is critical to the success of your website, the site creator is not right for you.

You plan to create a professional blog:

The professional side comes up again. If your goal is to have a blog with a commitment to generate organic traffic and not to create a space of innovation linked to your website, you shouldn’t try a site creator.

That’s why you are limited, while for this type of site it is more interesting a flexible platform, such as WordPress.

Your business as an e-commerce:

 If your plan is to have a virtual store as an e-commerce
keep in mind that is a specific website,
comparing with types you can have on the internet. For this, tools and resources,
that are not available (or even well developed) in site creators, are fundamental.
You can try an existent virtual store in the beginning of your business to collect results and feedback from customers about your product, but you should know that long-term is not a scalable option that will give

a brand and market consolidation.

Bottom line:

Lastly, if you have identified yourself with any of these situations and still opt for site creator,
our recommendation is that you choose a reliable platform that you can test without compromise.
But if you recognize that a web development specialized company is the perfect option to develop a solid a durable website, grow in the web and get visibility, contact us.