Being present on different social media platform to spread your influence in the digital world is right,
but overstretching your investment is wrong.
Keep in mind that you need to invest strategically and develop the competitiveness of the key marketing tools such as a website.

1- Say no to “peanut butter” approach

Having multiple profiles on social media is good for marketing.
However, it is unwise for any company to spend capital uniformly
across a wide range of platforms and treat every project equally.
Without enough resources to develop one or few own competitive edges,
the company that is good at everything but great at nothing will fail to stand out from competitors.
The result of the “peanut butter” investment approach? Being mediocre consistently.

2- Being spiky

Good companies with sustainable growth and profit, on the other hand,
are being spiky in funds 
allocation. Sufficient resources are invested in key
areas such as promising new business models or game-changing capabilities.
For individual business, it is time to find out the vital marketing tools and pour
sufficient resources to develop there in the long run.

3- Learn from the successful

The power of 10X, Amazon’s own investment philosophy,
guides the giant to commit 10 times the normal resources on their key capabilities.
As one of the most disruptive forces in technology today,
Amazon has channeled more resources into its own website while maintaining
a decent presence on various social media platforms.
Its strategy is directing visitors from different paid media to owned media where it has full control.


4-The guideline

All in all, regardless of the size of your company, it is significant to have a strategic investment plan on marketing. Don’t invest in all platforms equally. Rather, focusing on and committing more to your main battlefield like your website.