The easy guide to create an online brand

Part 2

In the first part of this guide, we talked about the importance of building an online brand. How having a website is the base for online branding, and how to build and customize this website. In this part, we will talk about promoting your brand online by the means of online marketing efforts. Such as SEO and Social media.


SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

A few adjustments that you make to your website to be indexed better by any search engine, such as google. Keep in mind that search engines get smarter everyday. They try to imitate human behavior as much as possible, then assign a rank to your website based on your website’s performance. This rank determines where you will appear in the search results.

To start with SEO, you have to make sure that your website is user-friendly. Reduce the clicks needed for your visitor to reach an important article, or to buy a product. Make sure your website is fast by reducing image sizes. Try to refrain from using too many animations or graphics, they take a long time to load and they introduce distractions from the main objectives of your website.


Next, be smart with your URLs,

URL should be a website domain followed by a short title of your page. Make sure the title of the page describes exactly what the page contains. For example, this article is called “the easy guide to create an online brand” and that is exactly what this article is about, in plain simple words.

Keep in mind that SEO is a continuous effort and optimizations for your website, to keep getting your rank higher.

After the site optimization, you have to enhance your presence by linking to your website from other places. Ask your friends or family members to post links to your website on their blogs or social media pages. If you know someone who has a website, ask them to link to your website, and you can link to their website from yours in return. Try to get valuable links from websites or blogs that talk about your industry.


  • Social Media

No, it isn’t about creating a facebook page. Social media marketing is the most effective method for building an online brand. Because what is a brand when people don’t even know you?

But how can you acquire a social community that only roots for your brand in a specific industry? This can be done in a few simple steps:

1- know your audience:

specify a type of people that you want to reach. Or better yet, know the type of people that is interested in what you sell or offer. Once you know your exact target, it is only a matter of time to get that community.


2- know where to find your audience:

After finding out who your audiences are, it is time to know where to find them. Business professionals can be found on LinkedIn because it is mainly a professional network. Technicians, Engineers, and scientists often use Google plus as their social network. It is the most convenient platform for posting ideas and discuss thoughts. If you want to target news anchors, journalists, actors, and singers, you will find Twitter to be the most convenient network for you. Media personnel usually post feeds throughout the day to be accessed easily by their fans, and that is exactly what Twitter is all about. If you are focusing on artists and photographers, the best websites to find them are Deviant Art and Instagram. Deviant art is focusing on artworks like paintings and drawings, while Instagram is all about photography. Instagram users are all photography enthusiasts who just love to use their cameras. That might be an excellent customer base if you sell photography equipment. Another overlooked social network that is both entertaining and educating is Pinterest. You can find all sorts of ideas about everything in life in the form of pictures.

And of course, the undisputed social media tycoon, facebook. The beauty of Facebook is that almost all internet users have accounts on that social network. It is your chance to target average customers if you sell average consumer products. Like clothes, electronics, food, any entertainment-related business like cinema tickets, and you can even use it to promote a restaurant or a cafe.

3- keep updated with your audience interests:

Now that you know your audience, you have to keep up with their pace. Life changes and new things happen everyday, keep an eye out for trends and crazes that can be used to promote your online brand. Continuous following of trends will show your audience that you are always active. And can also indicate that you think like your audience, this similarity builds trust. And trust is what a brand is all about.

4- post regularly and never ignore comments:

Don’t just bombard your page with posts, be professional. Create attractive posts with impressive engagement triggers. Post regularly and make sure you do not talk about the same thing twice. Keep reading your customers’ comments and reply to them. Help anyone who is facing a problem and show gratitude for people who thank you for your services.

And most importantly, never forget to mention your website, for it is your own place on the internet.

All of these online marketing efforts are easy, effective, fun, and serve one purpose. They will create user engagement, engagement leads to regular traffic, regular traffic produces customers, regular customers build trust. Trust is what makes your online brand.

What is next?

Our goal at WasilaDev is to get you qualified leads for your business. You will find us always improving in order to help any business owner with our services. Keep following our website for more tips and tutorials on how to increase your business using the infinite power of the internet.