There are many techniques to be discovered by your potential customers, like optimizing your website using SEO or share your website’s link on social platforms. But if your website doesn’t have good UX/UI then all your efforts will be wasted.
Customers take around 3 seconds to decide whether they will keep using this website or move to another one.
That’s why the goal of UI design is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible.

How to be discovered by search engines?

As I just mentioned there are different ways to be discovered by search engine, most famous tool is SEO.
But SEO alone is not enough if the UX/UI isn’t good enough.
The age of a blue screen with pixelated images is gone. Now users want a website that they can interact with simply,

and search engines understand that now.
That’s why your UX/UI play a big rule in your ranking.
Web crawls (Spiders) can tell if people like your website by calculating the time they spend on it,
and how frequently they return to your website.

Reach more potential customers.

60% of Google’s searches come from mobile devices; this means if your website isn’t responsive to different screen sizes then you’re losing a big percentage of potential customers out there.
A well-designed website help not only ranking your website but also attracting new visitors
and more potential customers that might be interested in your product or service.

Let your customers see more, do more.

Either you use your website for selling a product or provide a service;

your customers want to easily use your website.
Make sure if it’s an E-Commerce website your customers can access their profile,

add to cart different items, review and track orders.
Even if it’s a personal blog, add “write a comment” option to know what your readers

think and share their opinion.
Or even if it’s an informational website, make it easy for your customers to access all the information they need.

Competition waits for no one.

Remember that every day you wait, your competitors are not stopping and reaching
more customers that could have been yours.

Take one more look at your website if you have one, and think from your customer point of view, What’s your first impression?
Can you find what you are looking for with no hustle?
Now take a look at your competitors’ websites, and take notes on what you might be missing out.
If you don’t have a website yet and you’re planning to get one, then you better jump on the train fast.