No matter you are using iPhone or Android, you will find plenty of apps available for download. If apps do business no good, why so many companies develop their own? It is time to have your own app!

1- Mobile devices are in the spotlight

Time spent on mobile devices per day has increased by 575% in three years.
We are spending much of the digital time on smart mobile devices.

It is the mobile device, not television or desktop that is in the spotlight!
Even you are now probably reading this article on your smartphone or tablet.
Though some users still use desktop for browsing the internet, they are becoming less and less in numbers every day. 

2- Mobile app: center of attention

In average 3 hours we spent on mobile devices, 80% of the time we are using apps!
Therefore, you should be where your customers are.
Once you have your mobile app, whether your customers use mobile phones, tablets or other devices, they have all the information they need, which prompts them to purchase.

In today’s business environment, mobile apps are so important than ever before.

3- Embrace the mobile age

Facebook, Amazon…. With their own mobile apps, these giants have only grown since 2014.
Now they even have more data to mine, which benefit their business even more.
Snapchat, a 6 years old app that allows users to send photos and videos, is now valued at roughly $10 billion.
How do you stay ahead? Embrace the app! Use it to your advantage.
For many businesses, there’s no better investment than developing their own mobile app.

Bottom line
Just like carriage evolves to an automobile, website evolves to a mobile app.
Embrace new things and keep up with trend today!