Revolution in Technology made new businesses appear. Businesses and job titles that were never existed before, like in the past there were no such a thing as SEO specialist or Social Media Marketer, and now in the era of smartphones, you can run a whole business using your phone.

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Source Venturebeat

Pocket-Sized Company:

Whether you already own a well-established business, or you have a start-up with some budget considerations, a mobile application can be your gate to grow your business.

Studies show that numbers of mobile applications are greater in number than desktop users, think about it when was the last time you used your PC to search for something?

That’s why businesses have realized the importance of having a mobile application to be accessible to their customers at all time.

Many companies started their business using a mobile application like Uber, Careem, Snapchat, Whatsapp and many more.

Although that games application have been having the lion share in revenues and downloads, experts believe that this won’t last for long, and 2017 has been showing the signs that non-game apps can double their revenue from 26% to 51%.

Keep your customers close by being right at their fingertips:

You can easily keep your customers engage with your brand by making them loyal to your brand.
Add some features that can make your customers life better. If you are a restaurant owner then add “Booking” or “Delivery” feature to your app.
Do you own a car care center? Then how about a notification reminder feature to remind your customers it’s time to change their car oil.
Even if you own a hospital you can get an app that keeps your patients connected to the doctors.
Don’t forget that customers need to reach you, so add a message feature within your app. It can make them communicate with you better and increase their loyalty to your brand.


It’s your own Lego, shape it the way you want.

The good think about mobile applications is that you can shape your application
the way you want, just like Lego.

Either you want a functional app informative, you can easily add all the features you want,
customize the theme, the flow of how it works.

But you should always consider what your customers’ needs and wants.

Very important tip to keep in mind:

Keep in mind what the market need now? Start your application in different phases. Don’t add all your features at once, test first.
Start with small features and then listen to what the people say about it
What they like and dislike?
What features are they asking for?
Who is actually using your app?
Based on that decided what other features your app could use.