You decided to have a website, so people can reach you more, and you can drive more traffic. It is essential for every company as the world is being digitalized. Ok, decision has been taken. But then, what’s the next step?

Building a website isn’t that easy. Therefore, you have to plan everything very well.
But if you’re still confused or you feel lost here is a cheat sheet to help you. 

1. Register a domain


A domain is your website’s name online. it’s like your virtual ID.
It’s always good to go with your company name as your domain to make it easy for people to find you online,
but if this domain isn’t available then it’s good to come up with a name that is easy to write,
pronounce and easy to remember as well as relevant to your business.
You should also check your competitors so you wouldn’t end up choosing the same name.
Search it. Besides that, try to search if the domain is already being used by someone.
Must see if it is available or not.
Also, when choosing the suffix, .com is the king. It’s the most diffused one and always a certain choice.

2. Host

The final step is to find somewhere to host your website. There are a lot of different types of hosting. Also, companies that provide this service. It will depend on the size of website, traffic, and cost.

Therefore, if you’re looking for cheap high-quality host service we recommend you Hostalizer

3. Website structure

Before going through the designing process, check your competitors’ websites.
This way you can get some visual references from the field which your company is in.
Not just visual, but you can see what type of pages do they have.
Usually, every website has home, about us, contact us.
If it’s a web store you should have a sign-up system and cartlist, and different methods of payment.
If you still think your idea isn’t clear, it’s always a smart decision to tell your ideas to a professional, so he can show you a draft of how your website will look like.


Let’s start building you a rocking website that turns visitors into qualified leads

4. Text and images

Now you have the structure, the next step is to fill that with content.
It’s a really important part due to probably you’re not going to change it frequently.
It’s better if you do it once, but do it as best you can do.

This is very important, as you probably won’t change it that frequently.
Add to that, customers will be looking for certain keywords, if they found them easily then they will stick longer, but if not then they will move to another website.

Therefore, In this phase, you need to care about the message you want for your website.

Your text must be clear and grammatically correct.
Also, images must be high-quality photos and preferred to be original,
or buy it but don’t use Google images, because their images might have authorial rights.
Even more, if you put something like this, other websites can have the same photo as well and it might make your users think that your website is fake.

5. See how you’re going to do that

There are a lot of ways to create a website. You can even do it on your own.
For this, you can use a site creator or learn WordPress, they are easier to handle.
But, your website is your company virtually. Potential clients will see it as its reflex.
So you should invest in it. If you want to create something more professional, you ought to hire a web designer to do it. 

4 Situations all businessmen go through, have you been in any of them? 

Bottom line:

A website is a must. It can really help to get you relevance for your business, but if it’s done in a bad way, it can bring you the opposite. Here in WasilaDev, we have specialists that can help you to achieve what you want through a website. Let’s be partners!