A domain is essential either for business use like e-commerce website or personal use like blogs.
Choosing the right domain isn’t an easy process as some might think, some people ignore
the importance of this step and just want to jump to the next step of designing and developing the website.

You should keep in mind that choosing the right domain will affect your business’s brand identity either online or offline, so give yourself all the time you need to choose the right one, and here are some extremely helpful tips to keep in mind so you’d not repeat other peoples’ mistakes.

1-Validate it

It’s important to make sure the domain you want is available,
therefore you can validate it on
What’s great about Hostalizer is that right from their home page
you can search the domain and see if it’s available.

2- .com is still the king.

Suffix is essential for your domain. Suffix means .com or .net…etc.
Keep in mind that internet users still prefer using .com
even if your website is .net or .org, some users may get confused
or forget and still write .com.

Not only that but if your website name is tnbgroccery.net
and your competitor’s website name is tnbgroccery.com then you’ll be helping your competitor by pushing traffic to their website when visitors can’t remember your suffix.


3- The longer the better.

Many small businesses fall into this mistake of buying their domain for a year or two, and the moment they forget renewing it, someone is waiting to register it. That’s why it’s very important to register your domain for the longest period. If you can get it for 10 years it’d be the ideal thing. This way you will keep your domain and your online brand safe.

4- You didn’t choose your name, but you can choose your domain.

Some don’t like their birth name because it’s too complicated, hard to be remembered or to be pronounced, you don’t want this for your website of course.
Think of your domain name as your business brand identity, it’s the name people will remember you with when they talk about your business with your friends or search for you on the search engines.
So if you don’t know how to do this, here are some guidelines to help you choose the right domain.

  • Relevant: Your domain should be relevant to what you do. If it’s for business use, then keep it relevant to what your business does. On the other hand, if it was for personal use like for- Blog for example – then the domain can be your name or any other name that express what your website is about.
  • Short: If your business name is too long try to make it shorter while still keeping it relevant to your brand. This way it’ll be easier for visitors to search for you on the search engine and lower the chances of any typo.
  • Memorable: To test if your domain is memorable or not, say it to your friends. If you had to spell it out more than once to be remembered or understood, then you need to think of some other domain.
  • Avoid numbers and special characters:
    Using numbers in your domain or special characters can definitely confuse your visitors. For Example, if your domain name is: take-five.com then your visitors may end up searching for take5.com


5- Dig deeper:

After you choose a domain and right before registering it, dig a little bit deeper to make sure that no one is using it on social media platforms. You need to this, in order not to confuse your customers/visitors which social media channel belongs to you.
You need to make sure that you can register the same name of your domain on social media channels as username for your business page/channel.

Bottom Line:

Keep in mind that it’s a onetime process so don’t underestimate with this step. Take your time to think about the right domain, at the end, it’ll be your brand’s identity among people online and offline.