With the advancement of the Internet, the rapid development of online shopping is an irrevocable trend.
The term of User Experience has also become a keyword of the Internet product development.
Despite the seemingly technical knowledge, mastering user experience is not inaccessible to ordinary people.
Here are the four desirable features of user experience design, from which you can draw inspiration and acquire the technique.

1-Understand Your users

Any user experience should start with understanding your target customers. Don’t rush to do the design. Rather, it’s critical to take a step back and conduct research on the demographics that you are dealing with.
Ask yourself these questions:

  • How old are they?
  • Where are they located?
  • What is their average income?
  • What operating system and device do they use?

The comprehensive understanding of your users is the foundation upon which you develop the layout and design, as you tailor the contents to the particular customers. Learning about your users is always the first and important step.

2- Offering Value

Offering value to your visitors or in other words, the alignment between the product features and user needs,
is the key to converting clicks into sales and retaining a loyal customer base.
If products are designed in a way that they support user needs, they will be considered as valuable.
For example, smartphone meets user needs, which include the ability to play games, make calls and surf the Web.

Again, to meet the needs of customers, you need to research them first.

In contrast, regardless of how well the design is, a product that does not offer value and fulfill user needs is far from providing a satisfying user experience.

3- Aesthetic Appeal

It is self-evident that the user interface needs to look good and hopefully appealing to your target audience.
Any good user experience is rooted in good design.
Though you might have to choose an industry-specific design, the color palette and layout is still up to you to decide. So long as it goes well, you are free to use your creativity.


Adaptability refers to the degree of difficulty for users to buy, download, install, and start to use a product. Always makes sure to provide an easy access to a product and a straightforward way for users to navigate the interface. For instance, the mobile site should provide a link to download the app, rather than troubling your customers to search the app.