In a world where most of the internet users use their mobile phones more than laptops or computers. Mobile application profits have been increasing year after year.
The number of mobile users in Egypt alone will reach 27.9 Million users by 2019.

Jam is a bless.

Now imagine this, traffic is at its peak, it’s noisy and you feel like this will last forever. What is the first thing you’ll naturally do? It’s using your phone.

I know that no one likes being stuck in car traffic, or spending too much time in the car. But your smartphone is your companion to pass time during traffic, as you use it for playing games, facebook, reading books,…etc. 

According to studies, users spend on average 3 hours a day using their smartphones, and almost 98% of Egyptian use internet via mobile phone.

As a brand, If you’re for looking for increasing brand awareness, engagement, and of course your customers’ loyalty. Then mobilizing your business is a great way to stay connected to your customers. 


How can Jam increase your profit?

While users are spending too much time using their phone, they are willing to spend some money too. According to statistics 40% of mobile users pay to download apps.

If your mobile application is really good and offering a real value to the consumers, they will tend to download it or even pay to get more features.

Many of the most popular applications offer a regular version and a premium paid version.

Even some apps offer a free trial for a limited time, and then the user has to pay monthly/lifetime fee to keep enjoying all these good features.

How about a FREE application?

Even if you don’t want your mobile app users to pay, you can still gain profit through Ads. However, be careful not to add too many Ads or your users will end up uninstalling it.

Just recently, Google is turning ads into games that users can play. They have introduced a new type of Admob that allows users to play and Ad game to unlock some features. 
This will allow users to interact more with the Ad, instead of counting seconds to skip it. 


Bottom Line: 

No one can deny the importance of mobile application for businesses. It can boost your profit significantly if you build it right and targeted the right audience. 

If you have a great mobile app idea and wanna be as successful as Uber, or maybe even Candy Crush! Then we are ready to help get started. Let’s be partners.