In the past marketing was mainly depending on offline efforts, but with evolution, in technology, the game heated up even more. Now to make sure your revenue increases you have to cope with not only your competitors but also with your customers’ behavior.
Nowadays customers do their research before deciding on buying a product or not. Think about it, if someone wants to buy a new phone what is the first thing they do?
Google it of course; to check its features, price, reviews,etc. then they will decide either to buy it or not. 


Statistics & facts about internet users:

Internet users are getting greater in numbers every day. As people are getting more familiar with the technology,
almost every person uses the internet to search for anything. No matter how silly it could be.
Some people even search on Google “How to hack Google?”- Believe it or not-.

According to internet live stats when Google was founded it was serving 10 thousand search queries per day,
by the end of 2006, it was serving the same amount of queries per second.
Now Google process 400.000 query per second on average.

Source :  internet live stats 

How to join the zillion world?

The fact that you are reading this article now either on your phone or desktop it means that you are part of the zillion world. However how to profit from is a different thing.
Some individuals and business owners realized the power that lies on using different online channels to promote their product/service/idea or even to make a personal brand.
Recently individuals use channels like Youtube, Instagram or Facebook to make a personal brand of themselves, on the other hand, business owners use social platforms to be more engaged with their customers.
But one thing is essential in order to guarantee your existence in the arena is having your own website.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C you need a website.

No matter what industry you’re in, your business needs a website.
A website is your own property that no one can change its terms and conditions. Unlike social platforms; Facebook, for example, keeps changing terms and conditions of using it almost every month. Those who only depend on Facebook for promoting their business suffered this year (2017) with all the changes in Ad policy. However, you need to make sure that you’re not getting any website.

Here are some tips to guide you:

  • First of all, ask yourself why am I getting this website? What value will it add to you and your customers?
  • Pick the right hosting server for your website, no one wants a website that keeps crashing every now and then.
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  • Keep It Short Simple, this should always be your golden rule. Don’t add too many features to your website as it can confuse your visitors. Instead, divide your features into phases. See what your customers need now, and in the next phase add or remove features based on your customers’ review.
  • The design of your website is essential as it gives the first impression to your customers.
    Read more from here about The 4 Secrets To Gain Your Customers Trust. 

Bottom Line:

There are two kinds of people, those who use the internet to pass time, and those who use it actually to increase their profit and make a brand for themselves /product or service.

Learn how to make an online brand in easy steps