Nowadays, having a website adapted for mobile devices is a great competitive differential for those who want to grow up. Therefore, more and more the term “responsive web design” has been explored by those searching for innovative solutions,
concerning the growth of the mobile device market. Despite this context, there are still many companies that have out-of-date websites, created only for computers, causing confusion in users when they try to load them into smartphones and missing out on great sales and conversion opportunities.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is one that has responsive design. Which means that the site is programming to adapt to the various sizes and screen resolutions automatically. That’s why the page layout is shaped according to the resolution, the orientation, and the platform, being viewed without the user doing anything. Also, it facilitates the work of a web designer, who doesn’t need to develop a version of the site for each type of existing device or mobile device.


Why do I need to have one?

Users tend to use many different devices when it comes to online browsing, such as computers, mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and televisions even sometimes. That is why it is necessary for your website to fit all possible screen formats, providing speed, performance, and accessibility for the user.

In addition:

  • As it adjusts with the user’s screen it can easily grab the user’s attention to the important elements.
  • Automatically resizes the site’s images.
  • Adjusts the layout of the page without losing the artistic and visual aspect.

Increase organic research

There are many factors considered for the ranking of websites used by search engines such as Google. One of them is to have a site adaptable to all devices and resolutions: the responsive design. In 2015, Google has confirmed that these sites have greater visibility. Today, any search by mobile will have as main results the compatible sites.

Bottom line (How can I have a responsive website?)

By now you should realize the importance of having a responsive design website. You must include this requirement in the design of your site. And if you do not have the time, knowledge of web development or SEO strategy and plan to create a blog or a virtual store, prefer the help of experts to achieve the best results.

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