In the field of web development and design, the number of freelancers and agencies have been increasing every year.
You’ll have too many options on the table with really competitive prices and options.
But at the end, the idea isn’t just to create a website to have an online presence but to help you capture online visitors and turn them into customers.
As you spend money and time in creating one, you should be careful of the following signs that clearly tells you that you’ve chosen the wrong agency.

1- We will give you the moon and stars!

Finding an agency that can do everything is quite good, but a specialized one is even better.
A specialized agency will have an advantage of focusing on particular fields, unlike another that just wants to get the deal by claiming they can do it all. Even if they had to hire an outsourcer.
For example, You want to do web design and development, plus including animation work (2D,3D).
A professional agency would refer you to another company as they don’t do this particular thing. Others may claim that they can. To avoid wasting your time and money, ask to see some of their previous work first.

2- How’s their web page looks like?

If an agency that is specialized in web design and development can’t do their own website good enough,
how will they do yours?.

In the end, it’s their company image online, if they think it’s not too important, then why they’re even in the business?.
Having a well designed, and developed website, that is easy to navigate and go through can give a good impression of the agency you’re working with.

3- Are they accessible?

You should keep in mind the following questions:

  • How easy is it to reach them?
  • Can you call them on the phone, email them, or pay a visit to their local office?
  • Do they have an account manager who is following up with you?
  • Is technical support available?

4- They are not updated with technology.

If they’re using old technology tools, like outmoded design tools, or programming languages,
then don’t expect to get a modern website.
In a field that keeps evolving every day. Your website should be responsive to all screen sizes and easily understood by search engine scrapers. Accordingly, ask the agency which coding language will they use on your website.

5- What their previous clients are saying?

Take a look at their customers’ reviews to see how was their experience.
If they have nothing to hide then you should be able to find those reviews on their social media platforms or even on their website.

6- They don’t have a portfolio!

Not having the company portfolio, is like taking a risk of buying a car that you don’t know it’s brand history.
What if it ends up breaking down in the middle of nowhere? Then you’ll wish if you had bought it from a trusted brand.
Same goes for agencies, you should take a look at their portfolio to see if they’re up to your trust or not.


You must have had taken the time and effort to plan a successful business, therefore, don’t rush on who will design and develop your website, or you’ll end up spending a ridiculous amount of time and money in the wrong direction. It’s a lifetime investment, so take your time and make your decisions based on facts and numbers.