Smarketing is the process in which both the marketing and the sales team work together as one. They share the same goal which is returning revenue on investment.
Therefore, together they should be called: Team Revenue.
But the dilemma that has been facing many companies is that both teams have a hard time working together.
The sales team is being looked at as the lazy team that doesn’t work enough on the leads that have been generated by the marketing team, while the marketing team is being looked at as ” irrelevant ” that generates unqualified leads.
Not having a strong communication channel between both teams may end up causing your company more loss than profit.

Smarketing (Think like a marketer, act like a salesman)

In the past, it was easier to build relationships with customers. A customer would come to your shop, see different prices of what’s available, ask the salesperson few questions then makes his decision.

But now consumer behavior has changed. Even for the smallest things, a consumer would google it first! Read different reviews, and go through similar competitive products, then after he makes his mind, he would go to the shop to buy directly.
He now knows exactly what he wants as it’s the era of screen to screen selling 

Counting on the sales team alone to build a relationship and close the deal won’t work anymore. You’ll need both teams to work together.
Your marketing team should be where your customers are! Spreading the word about what you do while using quotes from the sales team.
And your sales team should always be ready to convert leads into customers.
According to Hubspot studies; sales team who follow up with leads in less than 24 hours have 60% higher chance of converting them into customers.

Same Team, Same Goal

The revenue team is the backbone of any of industries, even for the online ones!
Either your business is completely online, offline or both. You’ll need your revenue team to be on the same page. To share the same goal and achieve the best return on investment.
Having a clear goal divided into quarter phases will make it easy to measure the progress.
Besides, weekly meetings to follow up on details how both teams are performing.

Keep your goals 

  • Specific.
  • Measurable.
  • Attainable.
  • Relevant.
  • Time-Based.

Turn visitors into customers.

By applying the above smarketing tips, you won’t only boost your revenues,
but you’ll create a powerful team that shares the same goal and turn visitors into customers.

Even if another company is running your marketing campaign,
having them on the same page with your sales team will save you time and money.