Building a successful app isn’t just about coding and technology. Before you get to that stage, you come up with business idea, conduct market research and find ways to make a profit. A good preparation leads to success.

1- It’s all about the Idea 

I know it is cliché, but it is true: all great apps started with great ideas.
For those looking forward to building apps, begin to think about problems and potential solutions.
Ask yourself: What is the problem? Why does it exist? Once you have a grasp of the problem,
it is time to evaluate how your app solves the issue. Think about how can we solve it?
Is there a better way to solve it?

2- Market Research

Once you have an idea, you need to do market research, making sure that your app will succeed.
A good place to start with is analyzing similar apps or competitors: look at their number of installs to identify the size of the market; look at ratings and reviews to learn about customer feedback.
By doing this, you have a better idea of your target market and what your potential customers need. Furthermore, interviewing your target customers and doing surveys are also good ways that give you important insights.

3- Don’t stuff it with too many options:

After you’re done with market research, don’t jump on adding too many features at once to your app.
As much as you think you know your target audience, their behavior might shock you.
Therefore smart investment can save you from investing too much money in the wrong direction.

4- keep your profit in mind

It is not our first time to hear that some start-ups with great ambition of changing
the world end up being broke, 
due to the lack of profit.
Running a company needs passion and vision, 
but revenue and sustainable business model are equally important.
There are different ways of monetization, such as in-app purchases, premium features, and subscription payments.
The timing of turning a profit is also significant, as you don’t want price drives away customers or being too late to have revenue and maintain your business.

Bottom line:

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither are mobile apps.
A comprehensive planning and preparation that help you avoid mistakes and failure is always the first and critical step that you should start with.