When you’re dealing with a customer face to face, it’s easy to figure out his interests and close the deal. But online it’s a different story. You can’t see your customer, you don’t even know what is he interested in, and how to make him come back, and most important gaining his trust to buy your product.
A person who visits your website is someone who has an interest in your product/service. But if he leaves before buying it doesn’t mean he is no longer interested and you should move to the next customer. It could mean he is on a tight budget, or maybe not the right time for him,.. etc.

That’s why, you need to have your brand in front of him, keep generating this desire of buying your product.
So here are 7 ways to make your visitors return back to your website and buy from it.

  1-  Re-targeting.

Less than 10% of visitors actually buy from the first visit. Therefore, re-targeting the other 90% using cookies will be a great way to keep your brand in their mind and generate an interest in buying your product. 

We wrote an article about Re-targeting you can check it here.

2- Email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for conversions. According to statics, around 91% of consumers check their email daily. 77% of consumers prefer email for marketing communication.
You can use it to announce new products arrival or giving discounts.
You’ll be happily surprised with the results.

3- Marketing Automation.

First, let me explain what is marketing automation?
It’s a process in which marketers use a tracking code to track customers’ behavior on the website. Once a customer does a certain action it triggers a code automatically.
For example, if someone has already signed up for your website and didn’t return to it for 10 days. This will trigger an automated email to be sent to him.
Another example; someone was filling a form and he quits in the middle.
This can trigger an automated email asking him if everything ok. Are you having a hard time finishing the form?

4- Adsense

Having your website Ad seen on a few other websites can be a good way to generate traffic to your website,
as well as make your visitors return and probably buy a product this time.

5- Social media ads

No one can deny the importance of social media. However, when you’re investing in social media platforms you should keep in mind that this is paid media. That’s why when you create an ad on any social media channel your purpose should be directing your customers to your website.
In the end, social media for friends, website for sales.

6- Word of mouth.

It is one of the most effective marketing ways, as some people might be afraid of buying something online so reading/hearing stories from other people who bought your product/service and how it changed their lives, can give them this little push they need to press “Add to cart” button.
About 70% of consumers believe other consumers opinion and around 90% believe recommendations from friends.
That’s a huge percentage out there that you shouldn’t take for granted or leave it for chances.

7- Social listening.

Listen to what people are saying about your brand, what else do they need?
Are they saying that your product is too expensive?
Then it’s time to focus more on the benefits and highlight why it’s worth their money. Or maybe it’s time to offer a discount.

Bottom line.

If your website doesn’t convert visitors into customers then you’re having some serious issues and it’s about time to identify the problem and fix it. In the end, you’ve invested time and money in it and you should see some profit.
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