Imagine yourself selling in a store. Someone enters. He seems interested. You show him a lot of products. He is interested but says something like: not now. I think you’re feeling that if you had another opportunity, you could get him, it was so close. You’re thinking, what could you do to get this another chance?

The same thing happens when you’re seeing your e-shop statistics, you notice that just a few buyers really bought from the first visit to it. At least online we got a strategy that can help with this. Its name is re-targeting.

What is Re-targeting?

Re-targeting or re-marketing is such a good way to get you more leads. Only less than 10% of the visitors buy at the first time visiting. So, that’s a way to capture again the visitors that fled from shopping.
It consists of showing ads to people that previously visited your website when they are at other sites. So, for a customer, it mainly appears products that he was searching for, entering into his mind when they are using the internet.

How does it work?

It works based on cookies. In other words, it’s a small file sent from the site to the potential client’s browser when you’re navigating on it. Then, when they’re navigating on other stuff, your ads appear and it makes him interested again most part of the time. So, it induces him back.

Re-targeting is one of the most effective ways to convert digitally. It shall not bring you new traffic. However it brings visibility, being at the top of mind to the customer that is already familiar with your brand, this improves your positioning strategy.

Bottom line:

Implementing re-targeting, allied to some other strategies, can make your website sell more and more.

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