You have the idea of creating a website, whatever the reason is, but first, you need to know what type of website is the best for you. which one will give you the best results?
Though the ocean of website types is pretty wide, we can divide them into two main categories;
Informational websites, and Functional websites.

Informational Website:

Having an informational website can be the best solution if you’re running a business and you want to have an online presence to give your business a professional look, but at the same time you’re tight on budget

Commonly, informational websites have little numbers of pages for content, some images about the entity, and briefs about the products /services.
And though many businessmen used to think-twice before getting an informational website because they felt tight to the template, with no ability to edit or add more content in the future. But now, informational websites allow you to add, or edit on the content without needing for technical developers.

Functional Website:

There are a lot of types of functional websites; 

  1. Community site: A site where users with similar interests communicate with each other, usually by chat or message boards. eg. Facebook
  2. Crowdfunding website: Platform to fund projects by the pre-purchase of products or by asking audience members to make a donation.
  3. Reservations site: A website that functions as appointment scheduling software for any type of business, like hotels, doctors,…
  4. E-commerce: It’s basically divided into two categories:  
  • Single vendor website: Basically it’s for only one single seller where he sales only his “product/service” to online users. For Example: Samsung, Toshiba and other brands are example of single vendor websites, where you can buy only their product.
    What value will it add to you?

    Well, single vendor website minimizes compatibility issues, reduces time in purchasing phase and it’s just easier and faster.
  • Multi-vendor website: it’s wider than a single vendor website where you can have different sellers for different customers.
    Jumia, Amazon all are examples of Multi-vendor websites.

    What value will it add to you?
    The advantage of building a multi-vendor website is to have a variety of products to very huge numbers of customers so logically you will have a good traffic to your website.
    keep in your mind there ‘re a lot of steps before creating a website 

Which one is better?

Instead of asking which one is better, you should ask which one is related to the purpose of your business?
Which one will add value to your brand online?

A great website that turns visitors into customers, and gives your users the best experience.

Bottom line

What types you prefer or what types will fit for you.
If you’re confused, get in touch with us and share your business Idea, we can help you get started.