There are so many websites in the world. There are a lot of huge, well-known companies that you think: they should be a target for hacker attacks constantly, so this will never happen with me. But it happens because of this is mindset. Many small companies don’t care about safety in the web because they think they cannot be on the aim of hackers. And being at this position is a risk for your store and customers.

How it works:

It’s not hard to get secured. SSL or HTTPs are terms kind of complicated to understand if you don’t work with. But, they’re just easily installed and they don’t require a huge investment. What you need to know is that they encrypt your data. In other words, it shuffle every data. Think about this text. Every letter of this text just makes a meaning because of the organization of them. If you scramble each letter of this, it will not has sense anymore. That is what happens if someone tries to get the data from a secure website. It will be all mixed up, impossible to read.

People expect that:

When you’re about to share your data with someone, you count on his reliability. If you feel that something is missing or the “seller” doesn’t have an image of trust, you doubt about finishing the purchase. In this way, you can agree that safety is also about user experience. So if users don’t feel safe to navigate at your website, they won’t share any data and it will reflect on a loss of credibility for you. Consequently you lose a client. They can just find another website in just one click.

Besides that, you can notice that in the most part of the websites where you usually navigate, it is common to see a green lock besides the URL at your browser. You feel safe because of that. The browsers usually indicate when a website is not secure.


Easy and Low Cost

SSL can be easily installed and it doesn’t represent way more costs for you. Actually, you can see that as an investment as demonstrating trustiness increases sales.
Also, there are some features which you can put in your website to attract more people and get more traffic. They are only available if you have these safety tools installed.

You can see more about how to get customers trustiness at ” 4-secrets-to-gain-your-customers-trust


Bottom Line:

Safety is a must. It is something that interferes in the user experience, which we talked a lot in our blog already. With so many competitors nowadays, reliability is something that determines if you’re the chosen for a customer or not.