Nowadays, we have seen more and more people embrace online shopping because of its convenience and efficiency. With some many options online, a good user experience is essential for keeping customers and maintaining competitiveness. However, many businesses don’t pay enough attention to it and fail to deliver a good user experience. Here are four common mistakes of user experience design that you should avoid.

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1-Don’t Use Deceptive Imagery

It is not uncommon to find ads with both text and visuals. While it is promoting the services or products stated in the text, the visuals albeit beautiful are irrelevant and misleading.
As users react to visuals faster than text, making sure the content matches complementary images is important. Bear in mind that imagery should be the secondary concern,
rather than overshadowing the key information you want to convey.

2- Don’t Use Overly Complex Interfaces

The clean and intuitive interface is always desirable, as it facilitates users to accomplish given tasks with minimum difficulty. Findability is a priority.
Adding gimmicks to attract attention are usually useless distractions that should be erased.
A simple interface is especially important for certain industries such as the medical field.


3- Don’t Base Your Work On Assumptions

Starting from assumptions is not definitely wrong,
as it can inspire you and leave room for imagination.
However, bear in mind that you need to validate your assumptions early.
Again, talking to your target audiences and understanding them is very important.

4- Don’t Push For Subscription

No one enjoys being forced to do something. The same goes for the e-mail subscription.
On some websites, popup windows appear multiple times,
urging visitors to sign up for newsletters or subscribe.
Indeed, it takes time to build trust and connection.
Never force visitors for the sake of conversion rate.