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Fawry Retailers

Location: Egypt
Project: Website & Mobile app
Link: https://fawryretailers.com/

Case Study: Fawry Retailers app is a real big success for the trade marketing team, as an owned communication channel with Fawry Retailers.


FawryRetailers is the leading fintech company in Egypt, providing a range of financial services to customers across the country. In order to enhance their service offerings and reach their channel partners more effectively, FawryRetailers approached WasilaDev to build a custom mobile application.

The Challenge:

FawryRetailers’ channel partners, who are Point of Sale (POS) retailers, needed a convenient and user-friendly way to access the company’s services and promotions. With the increase in mobile usage and the need for quick and efficient services, it was important for FawryRetailers to have a robust and accessible mobile application.

The Solution:

WasilaDev worked closely with FawryRetailers to understand their business goals and requirements. Our team of experts in mobile app development designed and built a custom mobile application that met the needs of FawryRetailers’ channel partners. The app is user-friendly and allows POS retailers to easily search for service codes and access promotions and announcements from FawryRetailers.

The Results:

The custom mobile application has been a huge success for FawryRetailers, providing their channel partners with a convenient and accessible platform to access the company’s services. The app has improved the efficiency and reach of FawryRetailers’ services and has helped to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.


WasilaDev was able to deliver a custom mobile application that met the unique needs of FawryRetailers and their channel partners. Our team of experts worked closely with the client to understand their business goals and develop a solution that helped to improve their operations and reach. The success of this project is a testament to WasilaDev’s ability to deliver high-quality and effective mobile applications for clients in various industries.

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