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Location: Egypt
Project: Website

Is a multi-vendor eCommerce platform that enables merchants with no websites to add their products, and organize them, giving an in store experience.

About Fil-mahal:

  • Fil mahal is a service for Shop owner and their loyal customer.
    Fil mahal service depends on collecting all Shops in Egypt on one platform (Fi- elmahal.com) that targets oriented people over the brand and keep them updated with its new collections and discounts.

Design challenge?
– How the platform meet the user’s need?
– How we give the user the easiest way to find, follow, and browse their favorite shops in any area in Egypt with less effort?
– How can we meet the business objective and user need on the platform?

Design Decision?
We decide to re-engineer the platform, and we started with the following:

– User experience process ( to meet the user need and business objective)
1. Stakeholder interview ( to gather requirements and determine business objective and try to discover how are they having an advantage over their competitors)

2. User research (to Discover user need)

From these two important steps we complete the rest of the process until we achieved this interface.







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