UX/UI design

Look and feel

UX/UI what is it?

Every website, application, phone, computer, car, building, or even coffee, goes through two very connected yet completely different processes. A concept design, an imaginary sectioned form or template that is called UX design (user experience design). And then a paint job, a covering for the frame, or an eye-friendly appearance which is called UI design (User Interface Design). Your website and mobile app both require these processes in order to function properly, look and feel helpful, and also to deliver their purpose in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

User Experience

The User Experience Design is essential for your website and mobile App. If you have an e-Commerce website, would it make sense for customers to browse through a dozen pages to reach the products page? Or if you need an HR app for your company, how would it be useful if you have to click ten times to view your employees’ information?

This is where UX designs come to work. WasilaDev’s UX industry’s experts will analyze your business needs. Then they will develop a customer’s scenario. A detailed simulation of a customer browsing your website or using your application will reveal the easiest way possible to build your website and app. After that, the UX designers will start building and organizing every block of your website or app to make it the most friendly user experience possible.

User Interface

Now that your website or app is ready, it is time for the sugar coat. WasilaDev’s User Interface designers are dedicated to finding out the most attractive appearance and lead capturing visuals on the market. From selecting colors to designing pictures that fit your topics precisely, Our UI artists can handle it all. The first thing you do when you enter a store is to look around and examine the place. That is exactly what your customers will do on your website or mobile app. and we guarantee that they will be pleased by the look and feel of your website.

In conclusion, both UX and UI are necessary and complementary to each other. And since we have the experts and the artists, rest assured that your website or app will be the best visual treat possible to capturing and converting leads for your business.